2016 Census: The Kid-Friendly Version is Here!

Today, May 10, 2016, marks the official day for the 2016 Census in Canada. A day where Canadians are asked a bunch of questions and all the answers are compiled to find out what our Canada looks like, according to the people, so that other people can make future decisions for our country. If you love statistics, you LOVE census day!

We received the short form, much to my disappointment and it only took a few minutes to complete. (That is once the Census website stopped crashing due to the abundance of enthusiastic Canadians attempting to complete their censuses BEFORE the deadline. Guilty as charged.)

My kids decided to conduct their own “census”. They will use this information to rock the “M”¬†in STEM. I will serve as the “chief statistician” and together we will create graphs and reports¬†based on YOUR responses to our very insightful questions. I hope you take a few moments of your time, so that they will have a decent sample size to base our conclusions!

Remember, this “census” was developed entirely by my kids. There are, however, no questions on My Little Ponies or Shopkins.

How does it compare to the ‘real’ 2016 census?

Welcome to STEM Play Every Day's 2016 Census.

The VERY short form!

What is your most favourite dessert?
What is your favourite colour?
What is your most favourite sport?
How old are you?
Do you wear glasses?

Thank you for completing the 2016 STEM Play Every Day Census.

Check back again soon for full statistical analysis.


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