What is STEM Play?

TPicture2he Stem Play Every Day Program hopes to give parents and teachers the tools to enrich the lives of our children with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics each and every single day. This online educational resource includes many activities and ideas for simple, hands-on experiments, innovative projects and suggestions on how you can explore the STEM world around us.

This online resource is divided into 3 categories: Experiment, Explore, and Engage, each serving a different purpose to allow us to discover the spectrum of STEM subjects.

Let’s get kids excited about STEM by making learning fun and interactive every single day.


These are activities designed with a specific goal in mind. These may include setting up an experiment where the kids guess what will happen while controlling certain parameters. Or these activities may involve building an innovation that solves an engineering or technological problem. We often use our math skills to evaluate our results.

The guides help you to successfully execute each project. And all projects have been kid-tested and parent approved (it’s fun for everyone). I’ve included tips where to locate materials and suggestions to make each project run smoothly including the pros and cons. I give a real taste of how things really happened so you can decide if it’s right for you BEFORE you start. For the kid (or grown-up) who wants to know the “magic” behind each experiment, we give away the secrets in simple straight-forward terms!


Sometimes we can learn the most when we simply observe. Here we don’t control anything, instead we learn from watching. It is important to take a few moments to marvel in the beauty of the science and engineering world that surrounds us. Go outside and look up, down and all around and don’t be afraid to ask questions and wonder. What are the signs of spring? Why is the sky blue? Why do the leaves change colour? How does a wind turbine work?

We share our experiences and lessons from our backyard and neighbourhood explorations. And our visits to nearby places like a farm, a research lab, an engineering plant, or a science centre. We learn to pause to think about what we are observing, in turn building our curiosity.


Here we develop strategies to teach our kids (and the grown-ups too!) how to become good scientists. We learn about proper laboratory practices and the scientific method using activity based approaches. We teach you how to set up your own kid-friendly home laboratory.

We also talk about how STEM teaching and learning in today’s classroom compares to when we were kids. Understanding these changes helps support our children’s educational experience. We will also address the importance of exposing our children of all age levels and genders to all the different branches of sciences and related areas, in a positive and enriching way.

Together we can engage and enrich our children, one science step at a time, every day.